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IHMN 1: What the Pluck?

Sir Rupert Utterley-Barkinge of Aethelweard Hall, Barkingshire was seething.  Seething about the Explorers Club's outright rejection of his memoirs, "With Steamboat and Rifle in the Mesozoic."  Seething about their refusal to even receive a copy of "Farthehellarwee: New Discoveries Somewhere in the Dark Continent" a document outlining the dramatic results of his recent African expedition.  Seething that they'd welcome Lord Curr and his incorrigibles and not a peer without peer in Her Majesty's realm.  Seething that Lady Constant Ann-Oyannce Payne can't stop moaning about her archaeopteryx eggs not hatching.  Seething that he couldn't find out anything else about the Jade Sceptre.  Seething that he was now stuck in the New World, exploring the wild west.  Seething that he spent more time these days speaking through a Chinese interpreter than enjoying a simple conversation in God's own English.  Seething that everyone offered him a mug of cof…

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