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Water Effects: Double Trouble Cubed!

You may remember that a while ago I had managed to come across my old modular terrain boards while clearing out the loft.  Delighted that they were in such a good condition, they quickly appeared in the next wargame I played.  Since then they have become my go-to boards of choice, appearing in every game of Blood Eagle so far.  Two of the boards were never completed for one reason or another, so these became my new summer projects.  Both have water features.  The first came out very well, despite some problems that occurred whilst making it.
Here I  return to the second board.  The journey to this point can be found here.

I confess I've been worried about this board.  Like the other one I worked on, it had been designed many years ago and was left because I wasn't happy with it.  I had a go at trying to make the river sections look a little better, and think I have achieved it.  But I've been worried about the slight difference in the height of the river.  And more than t…

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