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Chain of Command: The Decision Has Been Made!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a happily married man in possession of the wargaming hobby must be in need of multiple armies for the same period...!

I think it's no secret that I love the rules produced by Too Fat Lardies.  I've been fascinated by the Second World War since my childhood, and I can't lay the blame at the feet of Commando! comics alone!  I spent school holidays glueing my fingers to airfix kits. And I always got 1/72 toy soldiers as presents.

I began wargaming the period a number of years ago in the years BB (Before Blog).  I was finally tempted not by Flames of War, but by Two Hour Wargames' NUTS! This is a set of rules I really love.  It's like Band of Brothers on the wargames table.  Absolutely brilliant.  A the time there were no plastic kits available in 28mm.  And as someone who has always had a distinct shortage of cash, this meant many projects were simply not an option.  Thankfully though NUTS! is a squad level game, and we wer…

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