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Pandora's Box Leads to the Peninsular!

Hi all!  I confess I'm in a funny place.  Or at least that's where I have been up until yesterday when things finally began to fit in place.  Yes, I'm talking about Pandora's Box Paralysis (or PBP to those who have heard me use the term before)! But whether you're new to my term, or a long-time sufferer of this ailment, I'm sure you're familiar with the symptoms.  With so many quality miniature manufacturers and excellent rules out there, Pandora's Box Paralysis is the wargamer's natural reflex reaction: an inability to decide what to do next. 
It's quite ironic really because I'm actually in the best position in my hobby for years. Yes, even when my attempts at a new career have just come crashing down around me (what a worthwhile two and a half years that's been thank you very much!) I find myself finally having about enough figures to play a whole slew of periods that I've been slowly scraping the pennies together for a long time…

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