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Chain of Command: Commandos for Operation Aubery

I think it's fair to say that as a scale, 15mm has had me flummoxed.  Completely and utterly.  I had a lot of fun getting them ready for Chain of Command, but a completely different experience when it came to painting them.  Having never done anything in a smaller scale before, I soon found that whilst I may consider myself a good painter of 28mm miniatures, I completely suck at 15mm.  And when I tried a tank, well, let's just say I'm, not very good at judging things like shading, highlighting and detailing in 15mm. I much prefer the detail and character of 28mm models. My inability to paint something smaller isn't something I'm proud of, but there it is.  Now it wasn't as bad as this lot, but the following clip pretty much explains how I was feeling at this point!

Anyway, in all seriousness, this was a difficult time.  I hadn't realised until this point how much I wanted to do some serious WWII wargaming.  Nor had I realised how much I was wanting to game…

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